Pre-Nationals Ham Tournament Success

With many thanks to our sponsor Advanced Housing Systems, the Pre-Nationals Ham Tournament was a successful day on the green. The sun came out to shine, the hams and chickens were ready to given away and the bowlers were ready to enjoy our wonderful facilities.

There were 5 rounds of 1hr 15min pairs to be played, and they were playing off for the sweetest prize of them all before Christmas – hams! Garry Lawrence and Grant Keats (Carlton Cornwall) were the overall winners of the day, with Bev Crowe and Hetty Bolcher (Carlton Cornwall) coming in second, walking away with full sized hams each.
For those that weren’t in the contention for the top prizes, there were more hams to be handed out to third, fourth and fifth place. And if the teams weren’t in contention to placing in the top 5 – each top round winners came away with chickens.

The success of the day wouldn’t have been possible without Advanced Housing Systems support. You can find out more about them by checking out their website.


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