NZ Blind Bowls Championship

On November 26th and 27th the 2018 National Blind Bowlers Championship was held at Burnside Bowling Club.

Our members Glenn Hanneman with director Bernard Yeo had an outstanding competition coming away with the gold medal in the B1 Singles championship. The two ended their event being unbeaten and soaring through with a +102 differential playing 6 rounds.

David Stallard with director Helen Stallard competed in the B3 Singles. David won 4/5 singles rounds, and it was Danny Simon who managed to take away his winning streak. In the B3 Singles Championship, the top two advanced through to the final, so the final saw a rematch between Stallard and Simon. Having a tight game, David managed to grab the title by winning 17-16.

Congratulation to you all on an outstanding performance.

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